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Login to the Member's Area in order to find your current license key. You can also find the latest update for your product there as well as upgrade links (if available).

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Common Questions

How do I update to the latest version ?
If you are already registered for the latest version, simply download and instal the new update from the Download Area. If you bought an older version you can upgrade with a big discount by logging in to the Member's Area.

Will my database be lost if I uninstall the product ?
No. The database is not touched by the installer / uninstaller. You should still keep backups though (if an accident should occur).

What happens to the data I enter in the trial version when I purchase the product ?
Your database will be intact, you can continue adding data to the same database after your purchase.

How do I move my database and license to a new computer ?
• Create a database backup (using the backup function in our product)
• Copy the backup file (.BAK) to a removeable media (such as a USB stick)
• Click Remove License in the About-dialog to remove the license from the old computer.
• Install our product on your new computer (and enter the license key).
• Copy the backup file from the removable media to the new computer.
• Restore the backup file (using the restore funciton in our product)
• Done!

My license key does not work ?
• Do you have the correct version installed?
• Are you using the correct name and license key? (check in the Member's Area)
• The key is dependent on the name so make sure the name is correct too.
• If you still can't get it to work, contact support.