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Catalog DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS, movies from your hard drive, etc. Search and sort your collection in any way.

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Rate your movies

Rate all your movies so you remember what's good and what's bad.

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Remember what to buy and watch

Keep a list of all movies you plan to watch and buy.

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Export your movies to a variety of formats (including HTML, PDF and Excel)

What can Movie Label do for you?

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  • Quickly get your movie library organized by typing the title or barcode.
  • Catalog any type of media (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, LD, Divx, etc).
  • Scan your hard drive to find movie files and add them to your collection.
  • Keep track of movies on loan with the built-in loan manager.
  • Search and sort your collection with one click.
  • Print reports and watch a variety of statistics.
  • Export to various formats (HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, etc).
  • Keep a list of wanted and ordered items.
  • Create any number of databases of any size.
  • Touch gesture support.


"Just wanted to tell you that I am always excited to get home to Movie Label when new DVD films arrive in my mailbox. I actually learn a lot reading the information downloaded for each movie! It's also nice to watch my collection growing in the graphs :) Letting friends browse the collection for movies to watch is also fantastic! Thank you"

Ken Lowe

"MovieLabel is for me the best tool of software to save my collection of DVD's and other media on a friendly and easy way. The support of MovieLabel is also fantastic, never seen so wunderful help and quick response. It is in one woord a Great and fine program to work with it."

Toine vd Laak

"I'm using Movie Label to track movies I have seen and set a rating so I can remember which ones are worth seeing again. Love the fact that everything just works as you expect it too. Thanks!!"

Sabrina Galvin