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Welcome on our FAQ page. Here you can find answers to the most common questions regarding our order process and our products.
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Yes. Movie Label is thoroughly tested on Windows 10. Movie Label also has touch gesture support.
If you use DVD Profiler, Movie Collector (Collectorz) or Ant Movie Catalog today, export your database to XML and download the Movie Label XML Importer from the Download Area. If you use another program; export your database to a textfile and then download the Text File Import Utility from the Download Area.
The Professional Edition contains everything in Standard PLUS:
- License valid for 3 PCs
- Create and edit reports
- Export your data to various formats
- Access your database over a network
This is a bug in G-Data's anti-virus or firewall that we have reported to them several times. They have yet to correct this error though. The solution is to disable Internet Protection in their product or to uninstall the GData product. We recommend the free alternative Micrsoft's Security Essentials.
There was some issues with Software Update in early builds of 2020.5. Please update manuall from the Member's Area.
These errors suggest that the IMDB servers are down. Check to see if you can access them or not. If they seem ok; make sure you have allowed movielabel.exe through your firewall (software and hardware).
Make sure that you have the latest version. It that can be downloaded from the Download Area.
Make sure that the file is associated with a media player in Windows. If you are using VLC as your media player and it still does not work, download the latest version of VLC. Old versions of VLC contains a bug that causes this.
Old files are left in the Movie Label directory from an older version. To fix this, uninstall Movie Label and then delete the Movie Label directory. Finally re-install Movie Label again and everything should be back to normal.
If you get an error when trying to open the help file; follow the instructions in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.
You can download the latest installer for your purchased older version in the Member's Area.
Make sure movielabel.exe is allowed in your anti-virus product. If you have WindowsBlinds installed, put movielabel.exe in the ignore list.

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