Movie Label - Free Edition

Setting up your database on a remote server

Movie Label - Free Edition enables you to access a database over your LAN or even over the Internet. This short guide is intended to get you up and running.

1. Install a Client

The first thing you need to do (if you haven't done that already) is to install Movie Label on your computer. Make sure you have the latest version by downloading it from our homepage:

2. Create a Database

When Movie Label is started for the first time a default database is created. You can use this database on remote server or you can create a new database by choosing Database Operations from the File-menu. To create a new database click the New-button.

Now you need to copy/move the database file to your server. Do that by copying/moving the database file (.FDB file) to the desired location in Windows Explorer.

3. Install the Server

First of all you need to download Firebird 3 (the database engine):

Install the database engine by running the downloaded file. We recommend you to use the default options presented in the installer (only change the options if you are familiar with Firebird). Basically all you need to do is to start the installer and click the Next-button until the installation is finished.

Finally we recommend you to restart the server and make sure that the Firebird Database Engine is running.

4. Connect to a Remote Database

Start Movie Label and choose Database Operations from the File-menu. Then click the Network-button and type the path to the database. It is very important that the path is correct and of the following format (note that the full local path needs to be entered):
server-ip-address:drivename:\full\local\path\database name.fdb

Example:\my directory\my database.fdb

Now click the 'Test Connection' button to make sure that you can connect to the database. Unless the test connection is ok, the remote database can't be opened (and the OK button will stay disabled). If the test connection is ok, simply click OK to open the database.

A. Troubleshooting

If you can't manage to connect to your database on the network; check the following:

Feel free to contact support at if you experience any problems.