Movie Label 2019 - What's New?

It's been 15 months since we released the last major version and we've been working on improving the product ever since. We've added features, improved performance as well as the interface.

Let's look at some of the news in version 14:

New user views

We've now added the possibility to change view type for user views at any time. Each type will be saved individually and the last type will be remembered.

Updated UI

We've updated the UI across the product and given it a fresh coat of modern icons, etc. You should still feel completely at home though.

Improved hard drive scanning

We've updated the hard drive scanning and also introduced a way of finding and selecting files (for deletion).

Improved exporting

We've improved all export functions and it's also possible to exclude formatting of exported files.

Improved export performance

Exporting views are now up to 8 times faster and using up to 4 times less memory than our previous releases.

Improved view technology

Apart from added above mentioned features to the views, we've also improved touch scrolling and performance.

Performance optimizations

As always, we have been working on optimizing the performance and memory usage of the product both on local and networked connections.

Minor improvements

Many minor improvements have been made to many areas throughout the product including better printing of views. We're also using an improved tag reading engine and have an updated database access layer in place.

And much more...

This and much more has been added to the latest version of Movie Label.

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