Movie Label v2020.5 - What's New?

Starting with 2020.5 we introduce a new versioning based on release date. There will be no more major yearly versions and features will instead be added continously. This doc covers the major additions between 2019 and 2020.5. Visit Version History for future release notes.

Let's take a look at some of the news in version 2020.5:

New database engine

In the biggest engine change since 2010, we have moved to Firebird 3. This brings speed and security improvements as well as connectivity improvements for Pro Edition.

Updated UI

We've updated the UI across the product and given it a fresh coat of paint (including the latest spec ribbon).

New Instant Search

Instant Search has been fully re-implemented and now searches the fields currently shown in the view. Found rows are also shown as yellow scrollbar annotations. Instant Search no longer filters rows.

Extended Printing

You can now print statistics.

Updated View Technology

We've updated the view technology and added a few new features like scrollbar annotations (marks selected rows in the scroll bar).

Keyword Downloads

Keywords are now downloaded for movies which dramatically increases search options for movies.

Application Update Improvements

When an updated version of Movie Label is available, you'll get a prompt that will automatically download the new update.

File Scanning improvments

We have added support for new formats and tag versions to ensure you can read all your digital files.

Performance optimizations

As always, we have been working on optimizing the performance and memory usage of the product both on local and networked connections.

Minor improvements

Many minor improvements have been made to many areas throughout the product.

And much more...

This and much more has been added to the latest version of Music Label.

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