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This page highlights a few of the numerous reviews and awards received by Music Label throughout the years.

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USA Today

In a world where every bozo seems to have an idea (and accompanying software) about how to keep track of your music collection, this excellent product stands well above the crowd. Basically, if you've got music - digital, CD, vinyl, whatever - this program's got your back with top-notch organization and report generation. One of the greats.


For serious record collectors, this software is the Holy Grail. For the rest of us, it's simply a fast and handy way to keep tabs on the music we own, the format it's in, and most importantly, where we left it last.


Software.Informer - Editor's Pick
ZDNet Editor's Pick
OneKit Magazine - 5/5 rating


"Music Label is for me the best tool of software to save my collection of cd's on a friendly and easy way. Also the support of Music Label is fantastic, never seen so wonderful help en quick response. It is in one word a Great and fine program to work with it."

Toine vd Laak

"Music Label is the best Music Collector's Tool I've ever seen. It has a very fast database engine and a nice and easy to use interface. You can store all kind of information that is related to artists and their titles. ML automatically queries Gracenote CDDB if a new CD is inserted and you can also do a manually vinyl query. Also the support from CodeAero is the best I've ever seen. Any support mail won't take longer than half a day to be answered."

Torsten Drees

"Yes. Finally a program where I can have all my music in one place. CD, MP3 and my old vinyl records. All my albums in one place quickly searchable. Beautiful and fun to use.""

Brad Brooks