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Yes. Music Label is thoroughly tested on Windows 11. Music Label also has touch gesture support
Export your database to a textfile (in your existing program) and then download the Text File Import Utility from the Download Area.
There was some issues with Software Update in early builds of 2020.5. Please update manuall from the Member's Area.
If the CD does not get scanned upon insertion when using CDDB scan the problem is probably that you have more than one CD drive and Music Label is looking at the wrong drive. You can choose which drive to use in the Options (choose Options from the Application menu).
This error occurs if your firewall is preventing Music Label from connecting to the CDDB servers. Configure your firewall to allow Music Label and this problem will disappear. If you have done this and it still does not work, try deleting the following keys from the Registry:
This error only occurs if your Proxy-settings are incorrect. To edit your Proxy-settings choose Options from the Tools-menu and select the CDDB-page. Contact your ISP for your correct Proxy-settings.
The backup/restore function is ideal for this purpose. Read a more detailed explanation in this blog post.
Make sure that the artist (of the entry that is incorrectly sorted) is defined as a person. Do that by opening the Entry and clicking the Artist-button. For a person to sort correctly it must be defined as a person (sometimes CDDB contains incorrect data).
Old files are left in the Music Label directory from an older version. To fix this, uninstall Music Label and then delete the Music Label directory. Finally re-install Music Label again and everything should be back to normal.
If you get an error when trying to open the help file; follow the instructions in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.
Download the latest version and this issue should go away. If not contact use by email with details about your setup.
Make sure musiclabel.exe is allowed in your anti-virus product. If you have WindowsBlinds installed, put musiclabel.exe in the ignore list.

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