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Catalog CDs, vinyls and music from your hard drive, etc.

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Know your music

Search and sort your music in any imaginable way.

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Stay on top of your playlists

Create and maintain playlists for every occasion.

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Export your music to a variety of formats (including PDF and Excel)

What can Music Label do for you?

Music Collector Software
Music Collection Software
Music Catalog Software


  • Quickly get your music library organized by scanning your hard drive, audio CDs or typing the title.
  • Catalog any type of media (CD, vinyl, SACD, MP3, WMA, OGG, etc).
  • Scan your hard drive to find music files and add them to your collection
  • Keep track of CDs on loan with the built-in loan manager.
  • Search and sort your collection with one click.
  • Print reports and watch a variety of statistics.
  • Handle box sets with ease.
  • Export to various formats (HTML, XML, PDF, Excel, etc)
  • Keep a list of wanted and ordered items.
  • Create any number of databases of any size.
  • Touch gesture support.


"Yes. Finally a program where I can have all my music in one place. CD, MP3 and my old vinyl records. All my albums in one place quickly searchable. Beautiful and fun to use.""

Brad Brooks

"Music Label is for me the best tool of software to save my collection of cd's on a friendly and easy way. Also the support of Music Label is fantastic, never seen so wonderful help en quick response. It is in one word a Great and fine program to work with it."

Toine vd Laak

"Music Label is the best Music Collector's Tool I've ever seen. It has a very fast database engine and a nice and easy to use interface. You can store all kind of information that is related to artists and their titles. ML automatically queries Gracenote CDDB if a new CD is inserted and you can also do a manually vinyl query. Also the support from CodeAero is the best I've ever seen. Any support mail won't take longer than half a day to be answered."

Torsten Drees