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This page highlights a few of the numerous reviews and awards received by Password Memory throughout the years.

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Nick Mead, Softonic

Firefox already offers this option although Password memory is surely a much safer way of storing particularly sensitive passwords (such as for banking sites). In fact, Password Memory 2009 uses several different algorithms to guarantee a very high level of security. 9/10


Password Memory is a commercial solution that will enable you to store all your favourite and obscure websites, along with the passwords required for access. Of course, only you have the facility to access this password manager and you can even take it on the road with you and be assured that the contents won't leak on to the host computer.

Awards - 9/10 - 5/5 rating - 5/5 rating


"I feel safe!! Using Password Memory actually made me aware of the security hazards out there. And to logon to the various internet sites out there is now a breeze. Password Memory copies the username and password to the clipboard and I can paste them into the webpage with the click of a button."

Howard Swanson

"This product is simply stunning. My memory is not in the shape it used to be and Password Memory came as if sent from above. Now that I got all my passwords in the database I can just sit back and relax! I warmly recommend this product to anyone."

Francois Connelly