Password Memory

Password Database Software

Only remember one password

Only remember one password from now on. Keep long secure passwords for all other logins.

Password Organizer Software

Secure your valuable info

Maximum security due to several encryption methods and no external conenctions.

Password Manager Software

Bring your database with you

Password Memory can be installed on and run from a USB stick.

Credit Card Manager Software

Generate secure passwords

Password Memory will make sure you have secure passwords for everything.

What can Password Memory do for you?

Password Manager Software
Login Details Manager Software
Password Software


  • Secure your vital and valuable login information.
  • Auto-generate random passwords for high security.
  • Secure your credit card information.
  • Get a reminder when it is time to change passwords.
  • Save time. No more typing login details on websites.
  • Find your login details in the blink of an eye.
  • Bring your passwords with you on a USB stick.
  • Print reports.
  • Create any number of databases of any size.
  • Export your data to various formats (XML, Excel, etc).
  • Access your database over your network from multiple clients.
  • FTP Sync for easy synchronizing between multiple computers.
  • Touch gesture support.


"I feel safe!! Using Password Memory actually made me aware of the security hazards out there. And to logon to the various internet sites out there is now a breeze. Password Memory copies the username and password to the clipboard and I can paste them into the webpage with the click of a button."

Howard Swanson

"This product is simply stunning. My memory is not in the shape it used to be and Password Memory came as if sent from above. Now that I got all my passwords in the database I can just sit back and relax! I warmly recommend this product to anyone."

Francois Connelly